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  Sleep disorders  
sleeping problems
  Dianne Pierson, MD, a psychiatrist at Pathways to Well-being in
Burlington, Vermont talks about children's sleep problems and safety.

In this guide (which applies to kids of all ages)
child sleep problems
  - Understand the importance of sleep and how learning to fall asleep      impacts children's feelings of safety.
  - Gain in-depth knowledge about children's sleep disorders and what you can do to help.
sleep problems
  - Learn children's needs for safety at different ages, and how a change in sleep      patterns can change their lives.

children's sleep problems
"SafeSleep allows adults to step into a child's world. Dianne Pierson's deep respect for children as individuals is clear. If you have children, work with children, or simply enjoy the company of children - take the time to read this book."
Emily Hutchins - Early Childhood Educator

"I found Dr. Pierson's approach to be both compassionate and sensible. SafeSleep encourages parents and other caregivers to trust their own instincts with regards to their children's needs. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a more intuitive approach to child-care."
Kerry McCutcheon - New Mother

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Safe sleep for children is the premier site for information about sleep problems and sleep disorders. Sleeping problems among children are especially important, and this book equips parents with children's health knowledge of how to deal with such sleep problems and sleep disorders. Sleep disorders can affect children's health.